Naftali Deutsch

Naftali Deutsch was born in Kimyat, a village in the Carpatho-Ukraine region of what was then Czechoslovakia, on September 28, 1931. He received his "secular" education in Kymyat's Czechoslovakian public elementary school through the second grade, and after Hungary's March 15, 1939, takeover of the region, when he was still a second grader, in the local Hungarian-Ukrainian schools through the fifth grade. He received his religious education at home, under his father's tutelage.

In April, 1944, Mr. Deutsch, then only 12 1/2 years old, along with his family and the rest of Kimyat's Jewish community, was transported to a Nazi Concentration Camp. He was liberated near Linz, Austria, in early May of 1945.

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