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"A Holocaust Survivor: In The Footsteps Of His Past" is a fascinating chronicle of Naftali Deutsch's miraculous survival from five concentration camps as a teenage boy. "A Holocaust Survivor: In The Footsteps Of His Past" documents the atrocities and crimes of the Germans, Hungarians, and their collaborators, who murdered Naftali Deutsch's parents and brothers following their deportation in 1944 from Kimyat, Ruthenia. After World War II and Naftali's liberation, he made his way to Israel, and then on to the United States, where he became a successful businessman in California.

Table of Contents


Naftali Deutsch


  1. ´╗┐My Family And My Hometown, Kimyat
  2. Persecution And Expulsion From Kimyat
  3. In The Munkacs Ghetto
  4. In Auschwits, Mauthausen, And Gusen Concentration Camps
  5. In Concentration Camp Gusen Tzvie
  6. My New Role in Gusen Tzvie
  7. The Critical And Dangerous Days Before Liberation
  8. The Long Journey to My Former Home
  9. My Return to Kimyat - To A Desolate Jewish Community
  10. In Search of A New Future And A Homeland
  11. Attending LeadershipSeminars, Farming, Crossing Into Italy
  12. On The Way to The Land of Our Fathers
  13. In The Land of Our Ancestors
  14. Civilian Life
  15. Conversations With Jacob Halevy
  16. Going Ashore
  17. A New World And A New Life
  18. Business in Los Angeles
  19. Diversification
  20. Great Nachat From Our Sons
  21. Looking At The Larger Picture
  22. Return To Kimyat - 2005
  23. The Miracle Generations


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